We're here to transform the industry

We are the next-generation of medical staffing specialists, driven by two simple ideas: making the lives of physicians better and matching them with clients who help them thrive.

What Drives Us

We understand that traditional ways of working are leading to burnout, and the standard way of relocating physicians tackles only part of the problem. That’s why we’ve built a modern solution for the healthcare industry.

Our Modern Approach

Our laser focus on our mission means we’re always listening to what physicians and the healthcare system need. And we don’t stop there - we come up with innovative ways to put what we learn into action.

We’re here to make life easier in an endlessly busy industry, so we keep things transparent and friction-free. Our communications are always direct and comprehensive, and we proactively clear any roadblocks we know may pop up.

Community is a key piece of the puzzle we are proud to help solve - we firmly believe that by connecting physicians not just with healthcare systems, but also with each other, we empower them in everything they do.

Our Team

Sigrid Boring
CEO & Founder

Krystal Meador
VP of Credentialing and Operations

Kat Nisperos
Senior Recruitment Manager

Jessica Austin
Director of IM Subspecialties

Amy Comalli
Senior Credentialing Manager

Marshall Hartley
Senior Client Developer

Dylan Yazel
Senior Client Manager

Abigail McCarthy
Senior Locums Physican Recruiter

Chasen Ruesch
Locums Physician Recruiter

Trevor Rix
Locums Physician Recruiter

Jordan Barker
Locums Physician Recruiter

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