ScribeAmerica Announces Partnership with Era Locums to Ease Administrative Burden

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ScribeAmerica, the nation’s leading provider of medical scribes, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Era Locums, an experienced staffing agency specializing in physician staffing placements. This collaboration combines ScribeAmerica’s exceptional scribe solutions with Era Locums’ staffing expertise to resolve the clinical record challenges that are faced specifically by the Locums industry.

As healthcare institutions face physician staffing shortages and documentation backlogs, the need for highly qualified support staff continues to grow. ScribeAmerica’s Speke AI solution, in tandem with its highly trained medical scribes available in person and remotely, reduces administrative burdens, allowing locum physicians to focus on what matters most—their patients. By partnering with Era Locums, ScribeAmerica aims to improve the physician staffing shortage and reduce the administrative and clerical challenges of temporary physician staffing.

“We are delighted to join forces with Era Locums,” said Tony Andrulonis, President at ScribeAmerica. “This partnership allows ScribeAmerica to leverage our expertise and deep understanding of the documentation challenges faced by locum physicians while Era Locums focuses on filling the staffing needs of health systems nationally. It’s a one-of-a-kind partnership that benefits the health system and its communities.”

This partnership provides the most innovative staffing support available to healthcare institutions today. ScribeAmerica’s scribes will work hand in hand with Era Locum’s locum physicians, capturing patient encounters, documenting medical records, and assisting with administrative tasks directly in the electronic record. This collaboration will streamline physician workflows, give them time back in their day-to-day work, and greatly improve documentation compliance. Greater accuracy and efficiency in electronic records lead to enhanced experiences for patients, physicians, and healthcare organizations.

“ScribeAmerica’s solution helps Era Locums deliver on our promise to be the next-generation staffing agency”, said Sigrid Boring, founder, and CEO. “Scribes deliver several benefits to our locum physicians and our clients. We’re excited about the potential our partnership with ScribeAmerica brings”.

ScribeAmerica and Era Locums continue their mission to improve healthcare outcomes through innovative solutions. By combining their strengths, this partnership will empower healthcare institutions to optimize their resources, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

For more information about ScribeAmerica visit To learn more about Era Locums, visit

About ScribeAmerica:
ScribeAmerica is the nation’s leading provider of medical scribes, offering innovative solutions to healthcare institutions across the United States. With a mission to improve patient care, ScribeAmerica’s highly trained scribes assist healthcare professionals in real-time documentation, allowing providers to focus on delivering exceptional care.

About Era Locums:
Era Locums is the next generation of medical staffing specialists driven by two simple ideas: making physicians’ lives better and matching them with clients who help them thrive. Era Locums provides comprehensive staffing solutions to healthcare institutions, ensuring seamless operations and exceptional patient care.

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